This year, the Radical Queer Semaine will take place in different spaces:

Sissy Space X (SSPX): our main space, located at 2229 St-Catherine East Street (between Parthenais and Fullum streets), 5 minutes away from the Papineau Metro (Green Line). There is a welcome space, a little kitchen, a toilette, a shower, a big room and a smaller room – the “chill out”.

Centre Communautaire Gai et Lesbian (CCGLM): located at 2075 Plessis Street (corner of Ontario Street), we will be using rooms 103 and 306 on Saturday Feburary 25 and Saturday March 3rd for workshops.

Aids Community Care Montreal (ACCM): located in the semi-basement of the CCGLM at 2075 Plessis Street (corner of Ontario Street). ACCM is lending us their spaces to organise the workshops of Saturday February 25 (6pm-8pm), Sunday February 26 (6pm-8pm) and Saturday March 3rd (noon-8pm).