CYPRINE Zine: Sex/Desire/Capitalism

Saturday February 25th, 3:30pm-5:30pm

Location: SSPX Salle chill-out


By: Virginie Jourdain, Barbara Legault et Djuls.

Bringing together visual, textual, critical, lewd and Furious contributions; this zine proposes a forum for a multitude of views of our own desires, contradictions and confrontations with pleasure and its regulation in our queer / trans / homo / lesbian / LGBTTQ / Feminist / activist communities.

More broadly, the zine will explore how our emotional, sexual, and activist lives confront OR support the capitalist system of placing $value$ on our bodies and our desires. Has our power to protest been swallowed, filtered, co-opted, mediated by capitalism and patriarchy? The theme of this zine is intentionally broad and open so that we can get lost in it, open up vault lines within it and penetrate it with glee! Break down the walls, explore new dimensions, concoct a soup of related and/or scattered ideas.

Publication of this zine will coincide with Radical Queer Semaine 2012. This queer festival will be an opportunity for contributers to gather and recruit new contributers. This project will bring together authors, artists, critics and activists from Quebec, France and elsewhere. Francos, Anglos, bilingual folks, any mother tongue welcome!

Cyprine Zine
* Interviews
* Critical texts
* Drawings
* Photos
* Tests
* Narrations
* Recipes
* Manifestos
* Rants ….

… Do not limit yourself! Be WILD!
The topic is big, enjoy yourself, individually or collectively.


To contribute to the zine, send your documents to the following address: fanzinecyprine@gmail.com
The deadline to receive your contributions is February 15, 2012.

This will be a black and white zine. The layout will be developed during Radical Queer Semaine and distributed at the end of the festival at a promotional launch party!

For images, please use a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, black and white preferred, so that your work will look as good as possible in print. Please Avoid large areas of flat black, the final printed look is rarely satisfactory.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, be they political, technical, logistical or lewd!