Queer Divination II – I Ching coin reading for beginners

Sunday February 26, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: SSPX


By Jamie Ross

Dust off your I Ching texts, bring three coins and a pen or come armed with just an interest – we‘re going to talk I Ching! Due to the success of the Queer Divination workshop last year, we’re back to explore a new technique. With about a decade of tarot reading under the belt and a little less of I Ching, Jamie‘s going to discuss the history and theory of the numismatomantic (coin) divination, breaking down the structure of the system as well as distinctions between translations, before getting into the practical, everyday methodology of doing I Ching readings for yourself and for others with coins. Experiences with queering the often normative iconography and symbol systems will be a central. We will use the I Ching as a tool for opening up discussion and practical work on the development of intuitive faculties.

This workshop is followed by an hour of one-on-one reading with Jamie, for all your burning questions. PWYC donations to the Rad-Queer-Semaine. www.jamieross.org