Non mix focus group of intersex people + Callout for solidarity with Intersex people: a brief intro to our realities mix Workshop

Sunday February 26th, 3pm-6:30pm

Location: SSPX

(French presentation, French/English/Spanish questions)

By Janik Bastien Charlebois: an assistant professor in the Sociology Department of Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She has also been involved, since 1998, with GRIS-Montréal, which aim is to foster a better knowledge of gay communities and to facilitate the integration of gay, lesbians and bisexual people in society.

And Lucie Gosselin: A Feminist activist and ally of intersex people who loves to sing and eat and who has a sensitive heart.

Even though a lot of queer people know what the ―I‖ in the LGBTTQI acronym stands for Intersex, few people had the occasion to hear about intersex issues and even fewer people heard about these issues from intersex people themselves. This workshop aims to be a first step to share our experiences and issues regarding would it be about medical care, forced surgeries, adapted approach for parents of intersex kids and the way in which intersex youth deal with being intersex but also, we want to talk about the emerging recent mobilization of intersex people, its challenges and hopes.

3pm: Safer space caucus welcoming intersex persons only, anonymity will be preserved for whomever desires so. For people living outside of Montreal, you can join us through Skype by sending us an email at projetintersexe@gmail.com beforehand, so that we can prepare the connection.

4:45pm: Introduction, awareness-raising, solidarity-nurturing workshop on intersexuality.

Everybody is (more than) welcome.