Emergent and Local Movies night: Short but Queer

Friday March 2nd, 9pm-midnight

Location: SSPX

An evening of short films from emerging queer filmmaker: Featuring princesses, flying food, blood, dolls, animation, golden showers, sex and more!

First part 

Fredster : “Fredster’s Disorder”
Lucas Crawford & Melisa Brittain : Elephant in the room
Marie Dauverne : “Les crevasses médiatiques”
What the film : “Beware”
Coralie Datt : “Portrait d’une poupée”
Johnston Newfield : “Cissy”
Myriam Jacob-Allard et Esther Splett : “Les princesses qui pissent”
Alexander Storm : “Midnight in Moscow #1″
Noémi McComber : “Prise d’assaut”
Marc-André Casavant : “Les aventures de Discosalope (épisode 1 : Vivre sur vidéo)”
Jessica MacCormack : “Where we were not, part I : Feeling Reserved, Alexus’s Story”

!!! Very explicit content !!!

*** Bonus Part ***

Short introduction in videos to post-porn (by Lee, Charlotte & Cécile)

Loree Erickson : “Want”
Collectivx Subporno : “Esto es Chile”
Lucía Egaña Rojas : “Mi sexualidad es una creación artística” (extracts)

Second part 

Bruce : Sweeter than roses

Mikiki Mikiki et Mr. Whorhag : Premièrement comme tragédie

and the porn video “Occupy my Throat”presented and commented by David Sokolowski!