Radical Queer Semaine 2015 – 19-29 March, Montréal

General Mandate

We are a radical queer and trans collective committed to celebrating our fierce and fabulous selves through organizing a temporary autonomous queer community space every winter in Montreal. There is a togetherness based on affinity with political projects, and a focus on building a space to actualize our wildest dreams, express ourselves creatively, and build sustaining nurturing relationships.

We are a process driven, critical, self-reflective, creative, and action oriented collective that models consensus-based decision-making. RQS is a celebration of our queerest imaginations, all are welcome to conspire with us.

Points of Unity

Queer is simultaneously something that we self-identify and also something that we do. We recognize that it can mean very different things to each person, and we are not interested in defining it or pinning it down. It is a reclaiming and celebration of our differences as opposed to a dominant heterosexist society and a rigid gender binary.

We will build friendships and alliances across languages, cultures, and past histories by celebrating our differences while breaking down feelings of separation and isolation. Through ten days of workshops, teach-ins, skill shares, art making, performances, and parties we will create and share a positive queer experience.

We are committed to creating a safer space for all participants while acknowledging that safer does not necessarily mean unchallenging, uncomfortable, or unpleasant at times. Our commitment is to hold one another accountable for our behavior while maintaining the humility to acknowledge that we all operate in the world as both oppressor and oppressed.

Fighting racism, classism, patriarchy, heterosexism, transphobia, ableism, serophobia, ageism, capitalism and all other hierarchies is a central purpose of Radical Queer Semaine, not an add-on. We will work to create a space where we can challenge all forms of hierarchy and build alliances with other oppressed peoples willing to struggle with us.

We recognize that we are occupying First Nations Territory, and oppose both Quebec and Canadian nationalism that does not recognize and respect the sovereignty and self-determination of First Nations peoples.

We are committed to inter-generational struggle. We will(try and) create a space and encourage dynamic programming that is accessible and interesting to queers of all ages, including queer parents.

We include and militate with the Workers and Workers of the Sex for the recognition of their rights, for their fight against the oppression and the negation of their life choices.

We strive to create intellectually rigorous programming and thoughtful dialogs, however, our lives existed long before academic degrees in queer theory. Not having a formal education will not be a barrier to sharing knowledge and ideas at RQS.

Our 2015 program will be announced shortly.